Our Story

Trade exhibitions in the Tri-City Metropolitan Area date back to 1947. That August, the MTG Gdańsk International Fair organised a trade exhibition to present Poland’s export capacity. The exhibition covered the food industry, nautical industry, folk art and handicraft, and more. 

More than 40 years after the event, the idea to establish a major trade fair centre in Gdańsk was pursued. And so, in 1989, the MTG SA Gdańsk International Fair Joint Stock Company came to be. 

To begin with, the company did not have its own exhibition venue. In 1990–1993, trade fairs were held in hired sports venues: Olivia Hall, AWF (University of Physical Education) Hall and GKS Wybrzeże (Gdańsk Sports Club) Hall. From 1994, trade fairs and events were organised at MTG SA’s own Exhibition Centre, with which the company had shareholding linkage. In 2002, Centrum Targowe (Exhibition Centre, the infrastructure manager) and MTG SA (the operator) underwent a merger. That same year, the MTG SA Gdańsk International Fair Co. purchased the right to use the trademarks of events organised in Gdynia from WTC Gdynia-Expo Sp. z o.o. 

Since 2012, MTG SA has been based at the AMBEREXPO Exhibition & Convention Centre, one of Poland’s most state-of-the-art exhibition and convention venues. Its cutting-edge infrastructure makes it possible to host diverse economic, social and cultural events. We specialise in organising local, national and international events: trade shows, exhibitions, congresses, conferences, open-air fairs and other open-air events. 

With AMBEREXPO, MTG SA is the only trade fair centre in the Tri-City Metropolitan Area and the sector’s leader in the north of Poland. 

The calendar of events organised by MTG SA includes specialist shows that are highly regarded by the industry, such as: AMBERIF International Fair of Amber and Jewellery, AMBERIF Autumn, TRAKO International Railway Fair, POLFISH International Fair of Fish and Food Products, URODA (Beauty) Cosmetics and Hairdressing Fair, GRA i ZABAWA (Fun & Games) Fair. 

On 23–24 September 2022, AMBEREXPO hosted the CURATIO International Trade Show for Medical Tourism and Preventive Healthcare, Poland’s first trade fair dedicated to the medical tourism industry. 

In November 2021, MTG SA purchased the BALTEXPO trade show title from Zarząd Targów Warszawskich SA and, starting in 2023, it will organise this fair in a new format together with the BALT MILITARY EXPO showroom and the NATCON Science and Technology Conference. 

Since 1996, MTG SA has also been the organiser of the Gdańsk Christmas Fair and St Dominic’s Fair, famous both at home and abroad.