We support the Gdańsk Zoo

Meet Kilo and Olz! ? 

They are Eurasian lynxes that live at the Gdańsk Zoological Garden. Since October 2017, the MTG SA Gdańsk International Fair Co. has been taking care of the Gdańsk lynxes through virtual adoption  

? The lynxes coped with this year’s winter very well. They are slowly changing into their summer coats, less fluffy to allow easier accommodation to higher temperatures. During warmer days, lynxes tend to be much more active than in winter. This is especially prominent in the male as it becomes slimmer and more agile. 

? Both Mr. and Mrs. Lynx are given multivitamin supplements, mainly to protect their joints but also to support the proper functions of their entire body. 

? After the winter season, the lynx enclosure undergoes spring cleaning and minor layout alterations. The Gdańsk Zoological Garden is a perfect place for a walk with your whole family. Everything is done here in line with the relevant hygiene measures. 

Make sure to visit our lovely wards! https://zoo.gda.pl/zwierzeta/rys-europejski/