Kalendarz 19.09.2023 - 22.09.2023


International Railway Fair
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Kalendarz 10.10.2023 - 12.10.2023


International Maritime Fair and Conference
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Kalendarz 18.10.2023 - 19.10.2023

PROCAD Expo 2023

Procad Expo + is a unique event that will take you into the future of technology and trends related not only to the world of endless design possibilities of CAD/CAM/CAE technologies. Inspiring speeches related to personal development, interactive workshops and unforgettable experiences also await you.
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Kalendarz 26.10.2023 - 28.10.2023

Amberif Autumn

It is the largest in Poland and one of the largest in Europe fair event for the jewelery industry
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Kalendarz 24.11.2023 - 23.12.2023

Gdansk Christmas Market 2023

On November 17, 2023, the Christmas Market will begin in Gdańsk. This awaited, special time, full of charm and friendly moments, will last until December 23, 2023.
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Kalendarz 26.11.2023 - 27.11.2023

Pokémon Regional Championships

You can compete in regional Pokémon TCG championships, Video Game Championship (VGC), and Pokémon GO, which take place all over the world. After the International Pokémon Championships, the Regional Pokémon Championships are the largest events in terms of attendance and championship point payouts.
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Kalendarz 11.09.2024 - 13.09.2024

POLFISH 2024 – International Fish and Food Fair

POLFISH is the only fair in Poland dedicated to the fish industry and one of the largest in Central and Eastern Europe, which will be held at AMBEREXPO in Gdańsk.
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