Temporary Hospital

Established based on the decision of Poland’s Minister of Health, the Temporary Hospital at AMBEREXPO Gdańsk first operated between 8 March 2021 and the end of June 2021. 

The facility was prepared for 400 beds for patients infected with the coronavirus and was dedicated to the people of the Pomorskie Region. Grupa LOTOS SA, as the project investor, in collaboration with the MTG SA Gdańsk International Fair Co. and COPERNICUS PL Sp. z o.o., adapted the building for crisis infrastructure purposes to enable hospital operations to commence. Poland’s Material Reserves Agency and Grupa LOTOS, in coordination with the Ministry of State Assets, were in charge of providing equipment for the facility. 

Over a period of 4 months, the hospital admitted 808 patients, including 90 patients to the COVID-19 Intensive Care Unit. The average patient’s stay was 11 days. Throughout the Temporary Hospital’s operation, 123 physicians, 233 nurses, 85 paramedics, 10 radiographers/ radiation therapists, 10 receptionists, 200 EMTs (outsourced from the Water Rescue Service Foundation) took care of the patients. 

A COVID-19 Vaccination Centre was also set up at the Temporary Hospital, vaccinating nearly 135,000 individuals. 

The Temporary Hospital operated for the second time between 17 January 2022 and the end of March 2022. 

During that time, more than 500 patients were admitted. The Pomorskie Region Voivod was the investor, in coordination with Poland’s Ministry of Health.