What is is a one-day event dedicated to people professionally involved in the design and production of electronics. The meeting combines a table-top fair with a number of interesting lectures and accompanying events.

First of all, is a trade show. We have prepared over 120 stands of key distributors of electronic components, machines used in the PCBA, EMS process and other companies whose services you may need when designing and producing electronics. Come, refresh relations with existing partners and meet new people from the industry.

Thirsty for knowledge? Need some inspiration? Take a look at the schedule of lectures prepared by our substantive partner EMC4B and leading companies in the industry. You will definitely learn something new and leave the meeting with new ideas.

See how much you can do in one day.

Where and when?

Gdansk – September 15, 2023

Gdańsk and the surrounding cities are the oldest and currently the most important electronics production center in Poland It was in the Pomeranian Voivodeship that companies such as Jabil, Flex and Lacroix settled in the 1990s, laying the foundations for the modern PCBA industry in Poland and training legions of qualified employees. All these companies are still developing, and Flex and Jabil are currently the two largest EMS companies in Poland, reaching PLN 2 billion in annual turnover.

A number of smaller production companies also have their production plants in Pomerania, such as the Finnish Darekon, the Swedish OrbitOne or the Norwegian-based Kitron, whose pace of development at the plant in Grudziądz has been impressive in recent years. It is not surprising that the leading Polish EMS companies have also grown up in these favorable conditions: Elhurt, Assel, TS Tronic, Softcom, Mikro-Automatyka and several other smaller players.

An almost unique feature of the Tri-City is the presence of thriving OEM companies with their roots before the 1990s, such as Radmor or Telkom-Telmor. The Pomeranian and Kuyavian-Pomeranian voivodships are full of companies with Polish capital, occupying leading positions in the TOP 100 Polish OEM ranking: Satel, Polon-Alfa, Vector, DGT, Pixel, SiMS, Ambient System, Simex and KZŁ. The landscape of the electronics industry on the coast is complemented by the gigantic Intel design center, the largest in Europe, and the Northvolt battery gigafactory, which is rapidly growing in the port of Gdańsk.

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