Exotic Fest Gdańsk

On April 14, 2024, in hall B at AMBEREXPO Gdańsk, there will be an opportunity to see the extremely interesting world of exotic animals, terrarium and aquarium plants. Traditionally, there will also be an opportunity to do some shopping.

The terrarium fair is the main part of Exotic Fest. The most famous exhibitors and breeders from Poland will come with the most interesting specimens of reptiles, amphibians, fish and other aquatic creatures, molluscs and basically all types of arthropods – arachnids, insects, crustaceans and myriapods. The variety of species and varieties will be amazing! In addition, a full offer of terrariums, their finishing and equipment.

The botanical offer includes a lot of exotic plants for terrariums, aquariums and potted plants. Orchids, bromeliads, monsteras, ficuses and many, many other unique specimens! In addition, various thematic gadgets and handicrafts: bags, backpacks, jewelry, key rings, display cases with prepared animals in classic and artistic arrangements, framed photographs and even more.

Exotic Fest is an opportunity for unique meetings with interesting people, extremely valuable conversations, education and special attractions! This is a special event that gives you the opportunity to find and buy your dream pet and to acquire or supplement the knowledge necessary before deciding to buy an exotic pet.

Spend an interesting Sunday with Exotic Fest!

More information on the organizer’s website HERE

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