The National Contest of Goldsmiths and Jewelers “Amber Craft”

On Friday, March 24, during the AMBERIF SPRING 2023 International Amber and Jewelery Fair, the official announcement of the results of the National Amber Crafts 2023 Competition took place. The competition was conducted in two age categories: juniors and seniors. The selected winners were appreciated for their skills in traditional and modern goldsmith techniques.

The level of the presented works increases year by year, and the quality of workmanship and the ambitious range of ideas for these implementations leave no doubt that Polish jewelery is at a high level. The competition aims to present the professional skills of goldsmiths and young goldsmiths, as well as to promote jewelry and goldsmith products made with the use of “Baltic Gold”.

A jury of several people selected the winners, who presented their works in two age categories: juniors (young goldsmiths up to 22 years of age learning or starting work as a goldsmith) and seniors (people practicing the profession of a goldsmith or ambersmith with confirmed professional qualifications). The competition was based on one topic – “Amber inspirations – jewelry”.

The competition was open to participants who submitted single products or jewelery sets in the category of jewelery made with the use of precious metals, amber and gemstones. Each participant could submit up to four works that had to contain amber elements and could not be presented before.

The competition aims to popularize traditional and modern goldsmithing techniques, as well as to encourage professional development and the creation of original design in accordance with individual needs. In this year’s edition of the competition, attention to every detail was evident, and the works presented by the participants were very diverse in terms of form and style.

During today’s ceremony, awards were presented to the winners of the competition.

“Amber inspirations – jewelry”, winners among seniors:

1st place: Krzysztof Konrad Bondaruk – work “Turkana Amber”
2nd place: Dominika Gawlak-Długosz – the work “Zwiadunka”
3rd place: Jacek Ostrowski – work “Pearl of the Baltic”

“Amber inspirations – jewelry”, winners among juniors:

1st place: Iga Piasecka – work “People like flowers”
2nd place: Sofiia Semeniuta – work “Shattered Dreams”
3rd place: Hanna Jóźwicka – the work “Secrets of the depths of the ocean”
All three winners in the junior category are students of the National High School of Fine Arts im. Jacek Malczewski in Częstochowa.

Jędrzej Frączek for the work “Antenna of Doom”
Dominika Plaminiak for the work “First Dance”
Weronika Zarębska for the work “To the measure of the 21st century”
Paulina Wróbel for the work “Muszlak”

The award ceremony of the 20th Goldsmiths and Jewelers Competition “Amber Craft” was attended by, among others, the deputy mayor of Gdańsk for social development and equal treatment Monika Chabior and the city councilors of Gdańsk: Andrzej Kowalczys and Przemysław Malak.

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