DevGamm Gdańsk 2024!

Embark on an immersive journey at DevGAMM Gdańsk 2024! The conference will take place on February 28-29 in Poland, AmberExpo. The event is made in collaboration with Digital Vikings. The program will include top-notch sessions, games activities, business meetings, roundtables, career wall and more.

The game activities for Gdańsk 2024 are:

  • Digital Vikings Awards, an international competition for indie game developers and publishers from the Baltic region
  • Game Showcase, large game expo showcasing dozens of international games
  • Public Pitch, pitch decks presented by the dev teams on stage in front of the publishers on the jury
  • Game Roast, the most enjoyable activity – it’s like a comedy roast, only in gamedev
  • Steam Event

Here you will find a detailed program of the event

Tickets are on sale on the website Tickets – DevGAMM Gdańsk 2024

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