SkillsPoland 2022. Polish Championships in professional skills

The extraordinary event of the Polish Championships in professional skills – WorldSkills Poland – industry leaders begins at AmberExpo. The winners will fight in the European Championships: EuroSkills 2023, which will also be held in Gdańsk.

SkillsPoland is the largest industry competition, addressed to students of trade schools, students of technical faculties and people starting their professional career.

– Ladies and gentlemen, I and 50 percent of students of technical and industry secondary schools are very excited – said Monika Chabior – deputy mayor of Gdańsk for social development and equal treatment

Within 3 days, players from all over Poland will compete to select the best who will represent our country at the EuroSkills 2023 international final.

Gdańsk is the city of competitions
– SkillsPoland is a great initiative which, in a unique way, emphasizes that it is important what we keep on top in Gdańsk, our priorities, i.e. professionals, professionalism, professionalism of work. Gdańsk is a city of professions, we teach students in modern studios like this one, in over 90 professions. We cooperate with over 800 employers, i.e. companies that patronize classes, support the development of our studios, accept students for internships. For us, being the host of such a great event is a great honor, great joy and we feel that there is another chance to develop Gdańsk as a city of professionals, Gdańsk as a place of great economic development and also Pomerania as a place of dynamic development of our economy on based on the great talents of our students, employees and employees. I am extremely happy, I am very excited about what will start in a moment, i.e. the SkillsPoland event itself, but also about what will happen next year, i.e. EuroSkills Poland. I am very happy that in our teams we can cooperate with the team of the Foundation for the Development of the Education System, so that such events will honor our educational activities here. Thank you very much, said the vice-president of Gdańsk, Monika Chabior.

SkillsPoland will consist of several events, but it is primarily a nationwide competition. This year, at the Gdańsk event, we will see as many as 22 competitions: landscape architecture, BIM / digital construction, confectionery, floristry, CNC milling, hairdressing, cooking, sanitary and heating installations, electrical installations, integration of industrial robots, furniture making, mechanics of agricultural and construction, mechatronics, hotel guest service, bakery, industry 4.0, butcher, restaurant service, carpentry, welding, fashion technology, beauty treatments. During the competition, over 200 contestants will perform (including guest contestants from abroad) and they will be judged by 100 judges from Poland and abroad.

The best of the best – EuroSkills 2023
– This year, basically, a great dress rehearsal, also in Gdańsk: our national qualifiers, in which we will select competitors who will represent our country at this extraordinary competition in 22 competitions. Almost 200 young top professionals from all over Poland came to Gdańsk, including a large group of pupils and students from the north of our country, from Pomerania. For 3 days, they will compete to represent our country in one of the competitions at the EuroSkills competition in 2023. The competition is accompanied by a group of 150 expert judges from Poland and many other European countries, associated under the WorldSkills initiative, but I would also like to draw attention to one very important issue: it would not be possible to organize such competitions, of course, without hospitality, without support, which was given to us by the hosts, by the city of Gdańsk; would also not be possible without a large commitment from business and industry – said Dawid Solak – deputy director general of the Foundation for the Development of the Education System and president of EuroSkills Gdańsk 2023.

SkillsPoland is a unique opportunity for visitors to try their hand at several “try a skill” zones, thematic workshops for teachers, partner zones, school and university fairs and many other attractions. The event will feature a discussion panel with representatives of science, business and public institutions.

100,000 people will see it. spectators!
The winners of SkillsPoland 2022 will then represent our country at the international industry skills competition – EuroSkills Gdańsk 2023.

This – as Aneta Mentel-Sadowska from WorldSkills Poland emphasizes – is the largest event in the history of industry education in Poland, and it will also take place at the AMBEREXPO Exhibition and Congress Centre.

– Next year’s competition will be attended by about 600 competitors and 500 excellent experts from 31 countries, on the competition arenas with a total area of 60,000 m². square meters. We estimate that EuroSkills 2023 will gather over 100,000 spectators from Poland and

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