A new stop on the developer map. DevGAMM conference

On March 1-2, 2023, the DEVGAMM Gdańsk 2023 conference was held in Gdańsk. This is the first such conference that DevGAMM organized in Poland. Its idea is to connect developers with publishers and investors.

– DEVGAMM is an international event for game developers. Our goal is to connect developers, publishers and industry representatives to support local businesses – says Lerika Mallayeva CEO and founder of DEVGAMM.

Gdańsk and the whole of Pomerania are an important center for the development of the game production industry in Poland. There are many companies in the region that produce games and game-related software, as well as schools and universities educating future programmers and game designers.

For the first time in Poland

– We have been organizing events for 15 years and this is the first time we have appeared in wonderful Gdańsk. Last year we received a lot of requests from our community to organize a conference in Poland. We decided that we had to choose the right place for it. There are many big conferences in Krakow, Poznan a lot in Warsaw, but none in Gdansk. Gdańsk has many great software companies and is one of the most beautiful cities in Poland, adds Lerika Mallayeva

The DEVGAMM fair attracted many people associated with the gaming industry to AmberExpo, which enabled the exchange of knowledge and experience, as well as establishing business contacts.

“This is a fantastic opportunity to meet other people from the industry, exchange ideas and establish business contacts. I am very happy to participate in this event. I really appreciate that there is finally such a specific event in Gdańsk. It was missing on a scale of x years old – says Frederic Raducki, a game designer from the BOOMBIT company from Gdańsk.

Demand for programmers

The issue that was raised during the conference was the lack of specialists in the field of game design. According to the speakers and participants, the growing interest in computer games and new technologies only increases the demand for game programmers and designers.

– The specialists we are looking for are primarily programmers in the Unity engine and C # language, but also from other fields such as game design or testers and people related to business, dealing with advertising or gaining new users for our games – adds Frederic Raducki.

The conference is important for the industry because it helps to promote the region as an important center for the development of the gaming industry in Poland, which affects the development of technology and generally contributes to the development of the country.

– We work on very well-known titles. We came here to expand the group of contacts, meet new cool people and, of course, to promote our brand. We came to Gdańsk with pleasure. DeVGAMM is a very nice event. We met a lot of people from the industry, expanded our circle of contacts and met some cool talents – says Lisa, a recruiter at Sper Soft, which deals with such games as Mortal Kombat or Call Of Duty.

A new stop on the developer map

Their lectures were delivered by Jon Carnage – Head of Cross Media, Henrique Olifiers – CEO of Bossa Studio and Fawzi Mesmar – Game Designer. Each of them presented their experience and approach to game design.

During the conference, participants had the opportunity to take part in many workshops, presentations and discussion panels devoted to various aspects of game development. Exhibitors presented their projects, and also had the opportunity to establish business contacts and exchange experiences.

DevGamm Gdańsk 2023 DevGamm Gdańsk 2023 DevGamm Gdańsk 2023 DevGamm Gdańsk 2023 DevGamm Gdańsk 2023
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