Pokémon Regional Championships

You can compete in regional Pokémon TCG championships, Video Game Championship (VGC), and Pokémon GO, which take place all over the world. After the International Pokémon Championships, the Regional Pokémon Championships are the largest events in terms of attendance and championship point payouts.

Cash prizes, scholarships, and gift cards – all can be won at AMBEREXPO.

Importantly, there are no qualification requirements or residence restrictions for participating in the tournament.

To participate in the tournament, players must have a Pokémon Trainer Club account; have a good standing in the Play! Pokémon program; and meet current COVID-19 requirements for major Pokémon events.

Registration for these events is managed by the tournament organizer, and an entry fee might be charged at their discretion. Many regional championships require online registration, and events can be sold out. Check the event locator for detailed information about each event, including registration details.

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