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otwarcie AmberExpoThe new headquarters of the MTG SA Gdańsk International Fair Co. meets all the safety criteria required for such buildings in terms of fire safety, safe evacuation and disabled facilities. Next to the safety and security systems, the Centre has electronic service systems for trade events, conference rooms, offices and the car park.
Importantly, we have introduced a Building Management System, with electronic systems to support the management of air conditioning and lighting. The safety and security of people and the facility is the responsibility of security staff who have visual access to all the important locations, both inside the halls and on the outside, by means of CCTV cameras
The AmberExpo Exhibition and Convention Centre has an extensive cable and wireless IT network for the exhibitors and visitors.     more>>>

APLIKACJAApplication include information about AmberExpo, city of Gdańsk is also connected with Call Centre.
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It is a pleasure to inform that Exhibition and Convetion Center AMBEREXPO already have free application in App Store. The Application include information about new exhibition centre and City Gdańsk.
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AmberExpoIn March 2011, the Gdańsk International Fair Co. (MTG SA) commenced the construction of its new exhibition and convention centre. MTG SA’s new head office will be located in Gdańsk Letnica, in close vicinity of PGE Arena Gdańsk Stadium. The centre was designed by the FORT architecture design company.

The architectural design covers the construction of an exhibition hall with a total floor space of 12,000 m², optionally divided into three separate halls, plus a six-storey office building. Also to be built: a conference centre with a capacity of 1,130 seats (the largest room will seat 600), a press centre, restaurant and bar.

The new exhibition centre will have car parks for 450 vehicles. During the largest MTG SA events, the PGE ARENA Gdańsk car parks will be available as well.

The new infrastructure will enable an extended service offer, ensure the vital conditions for developing exhibition projects and increase both the quality and competitiveness of the services we provide.

The project’s completion is scheduled for spring 2012.


Space of opportunity

The AMBEREXPO Exhibition and Convention Centre of the MTG SA Gdańsk International Fair Co.  One of Europe’s most advanced exhibition and convention centres gives you the possibility to organise diverse economic, social, scientific and cultural events.

In what we do, we are sensitive to the needs of the ever-changing market and the individual expectations of our customers. Our experience as an event organiser, our professionalism, recognition and the trust of long-standing local and international partners enable us to establish and foster lasting business relations.